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In 1616, Nurhaci, the chief of the Manchu which was a nomadic nation in the Northeast Asia, suddenly rebelled against the Ming Empire which was the last dynasty of the Han nation (The principal nation of China). The war was about to break out, Manchurian warriors wanted to conquer the whole China. Our story begins from here.'Sword and Blood' is an acton RPG game about a story in ancient China, a story about conquer and resist, and a story about sword and blood.




  johnanz(2022-4-19 10:32:38)

Score 4

  TiO3(2019-10-1 14:23:24)

Excellent job!

Score 5

  nome name (2012-10-14 15:58:15)

the game is rabish,don't look

Score 5

  Kulynbetov(2012-9-16 14:30:42)

Got it! Thanks a lot again for hlpeing me out!

Score 2

  istv谩n(2012-3-23 22:05:24)

good game

Score 5



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